Review – Berbuih Bath and Body – Handmade Soap 

How about a review on a Homemade/Handmade soap with a perfect formula that cleanses without being overly drying, and has just the right amount of skin nourishing oils and additives? Well, Berbuih does it all. 

I have never used any homemade soaps before. This is the first time that I have tried one. And I should say, this soap is very skin friendly, suits all skin types and most of all is chemical free. 

It all happened when one of my friend posted a picture of some homemade soaps made by his wife. And these were available for orders. 

I ordered one and got it delivered. I ordered a combination of lemon zest, almond oil, peppermint oil which was on one side and charcoal on the other.

What it claims:

The perfect combination of moisturizing and cleansing for beautiful skin, lemon zest and almond oil helps in moisturizing the skin, making it soft, subtle. Activated charcoal and peppermint helps in soothing and cleansing of skin.


Soap base, Goat milk, Activated charcoal, Lemon zest, Peppermint essential oil and Sweet almond oil.


It’s actual price is INR 100/-. The prices differ with combinations used. Yes, you can customise your order. See the pic below to know more about the different combinations they sell.

Pros and cons:


  • Good fragrance
  • Long lasting, hard and won’t melt down easily
  • Natural ingredients, Chemical free
  • Makes skin soft and subtle 


  • Fragrance slowly fades away
  • Prices are a bit on a higher side. But you get a chemical free product.

My verdict:

I would definitely buy it again, what’s better than a handmade soap which is good for the skin, with all natural ingredients and the freshness takes one to the different world altogether. My next purchase would be for my toddler, honey and oats.

Note: I haven’t used this soap on my face. 

If you want to buy handmade soap from Berbuih-Bath and Body, you can directly get in touch with them on : 

+91 89707 78999

You can even contact them via Facebook, Berbuih-Bath and Body

Hope you liked my quick review on something which is genuinely good and chemical free.  So next time before spending more on those costly body wash and body soaps you can instead buy handmade soaps which are made up of 100% natural ingredients and does last long.

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