Things To Do In Abudhabi This Winter/ Nature Friendly Places In Abudhabi

If you are in UAE, you will know the border issues between Dubai and Abudhabi, it’s taking a toll for many. It feels like they are 2 different countries not intending to solve their border issues anytime soon 😅.

But being in Abudhabi you will definitely feel safe at the moment because of so many measures this Emirate is taking for its people for their own safety.

This time of the year is all about camping, glamping and experiencing nature all over again. Make best out of it. If you’re looking for some fun outdoorsy pastimes like a barbecue or watching the Flamingos, Ducks, Sea Hawks or simply star gazing, I have got you covered! Read on to know more!

Following are the places you can visit over the weekend with your family.

1. Bab al Nojoum, Hudairiyat island

Opened in November, the tag line says “Love life outside” and we were among the first ones who visited them for an unique luxurious camping experience. It is indeed a beautiful combination of Sea, Desert and open starry sky. Located in Hudairiyat island. They have built in tents and vintage vans converted into unique camping space, available to stay with amenities like direct access to the beach, play area, camp fire, Bonfire, BBQ stations, Beach Cabanas, festival lawn and retail shops.

Pricing: Built-in tents have price range starting from 150AED to 1000+AED, depends on your personal preferences.

Visit their website to know more.

2. Marsana, Hudairiyat beach

At the heart of the island lies Marsana, a waterfront promenade with room for more than a dozen food and beverage outlets.

In addition to a skate park and a children’s splash park and play area, there is easy access to the public beach, cycle paths, and a marina with a wooden pier.

3. Al Wathba Lake

If you love nature, you will definitely love this place. Located in Al Wathba. This place is serene and peaceful, a great place for families and children to connect with nature. Ducks, flamingos, and birds make this a particularly exciting trip for children. They don’t have restrooms though. Make sure you use the washrooms available on your way on any gas stations before you visit this place. Get your own food and have a bbq lunch or dinner 🤗

Pricing: Absolutely “Free”

4. Al Quaa Milky way

After reading about it in One of the famous Facebook group of abudhabi, Abudhabi Q&A, we decided to explore this place on our own. It was “once in a lifetime” type of experience seeing the meteor shower. Like never seen before.

We enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s an open desert with nothing around. You are on your own. So better take all essentials including tent, chairs, Led lights, or else you might get to see desert mouse like how I saw one 😅

Tip: it’s a long drive, Plan to go early and get a good spot in between the dunes. You don’t need 4*4, You can even take a sedan, park your car on the main road and explore this place. No washrooms, so better empty yourself before this trip.

It’s winter now. So take many winter jackets and blankets so that you may feel warm.

5. Lake Park Corniche

Sometimes you just need a cuppa tea or coffee and a beautiful view to enjoy every sip. This is that kinda place. Just grab few essentials, take a chair and go to this place for an evening stroll. Sit and enjoy the greenery and the pleasant view.

Tip: If you plan to spend your whole day here. You can even do that. Just take your food and select a good spot, where your kids can play or ride scooters and you can have a good time relaxing 😌

Pricing: Its free

6. Khalifa Park

This park is good too for kids and as a family you all can have a good time here. Many things to see and experience including the train ride. It’s one of a kind. My kids had a thrilling experience. They enjoyed this place.

I tried flying the kite after ages.😂

Pricing: less than 10 AED and for different rides you need to pay separately.

7. Spend your Evening watching Sea Hawks

This was was again an exceptional experience I had recently when we went near Heritage park for my daughter to learn about UAE history as a part of her school syllabus. Seeing it closed due to pandemic, we thought we will go further on the lane as I could see it was very crowded. People here came only to feed the Hawks and to see the beautiful view of the blue sky and blue sea. I was mesmerized by the view. We ended up glorifying this beauty for a good 1 hour or so.

You can go and see for yourself how gorgeous this place was.

Note: You can check my Instagram account (Igtv) for the virtual tour of this place.

8 Al Shahti Beach

How about a nice relaxing beachfront with beautiful view of palm trees? Seems like an island? Yeah it does. If you don’t believe me then you should go check out this place on your own. Located on the way to Dubai, but very much in Abudhabi this place indeed was a treat for the eyes. You can enjoy this place with some snacks and tea, and should call it a day well spent. That’s what we did.

Sharing google location here as it’s bit tricky when you search it on google.

Here is the google coordinate:

24°39’43.4″N 54°41’05.3″E

9. Mangrove walk

Located on Jubail island between Saadiyat Island and Yas Island, This was again an unique experience in itself which allows you to take a stroll through the mangroves, explore the natural landscape and go wildlife spotting.

There are three pathways to walk, the longest covers a distance of 2km and the shortest is 1km.

A floating platform with netting is also on site where you can take a look at the marine life underwater.
There is a strict no-food policy at the attraction meaning that litter and packaging taken on to the site will be minimalised to help preserve the natural environment.

There is a café on site selling hot drinks and some food but no food or packaging will be permitted along the Walkway to help preserve the local ecosystem.

Pricing: They have recently changed their pricing policy and has different rates staring from 10 aed. Check their website here for more

10. Umm Al Emarat Park

Last but not the least, Undoubtedly everyone’s favorite place this is, I discovered this park recently and started going there very often. This park is huge and It basically has its own Ecosystem inside. It has a Zoo, an outdoor cinema, a walkway with an artificial river, water fountains, restaurants, train ride for the little ones, a view deck, and a whole lot more. You will definitely not get bored spending a whole day here. A must place if you still haven’t.

Pricing: 10 aed

That’s it for now

Considering the current situation please wear your mask whenever you go out, be responsible, maintain social distancing . Avoid traveling in groups and do not litter. Take care of this beautiful nature wherever you go. Don’t forget to praise the lord for the beautiful world he created ❤️

As we explore, I shall be writin more on places you can visit here, let me know when you visit the places that I mentioned above, Do suggest more places in and around Abudhabi if you know (nature friendly). Would love to explore more.

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