Mazaraa Farm shop (Abu Dhabi) Day Trip

After being totally caged up during COVID times for so many months, we might be starting to forget what being in nature even feels like. That’s why we are taking the advantage of this situation and exploring more and more nature friendly places here in Abudhabi.

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Nature friendly places in Abu Dhabi

I even created my own nature😆 I mean I recently started growing my own veggies and fruits in my small balcony garden. My daughter who is 6 year old, equally takes care and water my plants as and when needed, she is still learning and is always curious to see plants grow from seeds.

I was very interested in taking her to the farm to show her different types of trees/plants/roots of fruits and vegetables.

I got to know about The Mazaraa farm shop, I couldn’t wait to take her there.

Check this video to know more;

Located in Al Bahia, this is a beautiful organic farm in the UAE, specialized in producing certified organic vegetables, fruits, and eggs through the use of sustainable farming practices to provide customers with the freshest organic products within 24 hours of being harvested.

You can even pluck the fruits veggies on your own. You just need to grab the basket from the reception area, and select your own produce. You are free to walk around anywhere you want only thing is that you need to take care of small crops and plants.

We got fresh milk, labaan, potatoes, tomatoes, cumcumber, sweet potatoes and many other things, all fresh from the farm. Couldn’t thank the Almighty enough for all the blessings. The prices are bit on higher range, but I would definitely say it’s worth it.

There are farm animals too, like cows, hens, sheep’s, horses, buffaloes etc you can pet them for sometime.

Entry fee is very reasonable

Adults – 25aed

Kids – 15 aed

Timings are from 8 am till 8pm

On Fridays they open at 2.30 pm

All in all we had a very pleasant day in this local farmshop, hearing chirping of the birds, listening to bees buzzing near big sunflowers.

If you love nature like us, this is one such place for a day outing. You can walk around in your own pace, no time limit. You can take your own food and enjoy there as well. We just grabbed a coffee from their coffee shop and we called it out our day.

It was fun. My kids loved it. Nothing can compare to Nature’s beauty and moreover if you truly love nature and vegetation, you will find beauty everywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Let me know how did you like this farm shop.


If you need help with the location you can click on this google link here

Take your own snacks, the cafeteria there has very limited options.

There is no supermarket or general stores available there. So if you have kids please take there essentials.

While you walk be careful, there are iron rods fallen here and there in the farm, so mind your foot and watch your kids from running here and there.

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