DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For Kids


Happy Easter. If you celebrate Easter you know that there is a tradition of dying Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide for kids.

Due to the pandemic around the world. We are all locked down in our houses. We cannot go out for any fancy shopping to buy decoration stuff or egg hunting items right now.

So I decided to keep my daughter busy with easy DIY Easter egg decorating ideas.

If you are looking for ideas with some easily available items to decorate an egg for Easter, Then I am sure this post will help you.

So here are the four easy ways of decorating Easter egg.

Rice grains, acrylic color and Egg

I used Par-boiled Eggs (easy for kids to handle)

Take a bowl, Add rice then add the color in Rice and place egg in it. Just shake the bowl

And here you go.

Simple abstract design on the egg

Macaroni, Color and Egg

Just the same method like above instead of rice we have macaroni. Follow the same instructions add little water if needed and Voila here you go again with another abstract design on the egg

Okra, color and Egg

Apply color on the okra and stamp it on the egg. Yet again you will see the simple natural design on the egg.

Your Tiny fingers, Color and Egg

Just apply little color on your finger and apply in on the egg. You will like the impression your finger makes on the egg.

So what are you waiting for just grab some color, grains and partially boil the eggs and allow your kids to be creative.

That’s it.

Also let me know how you celebrated Easter at home.

Hope you will enjoy making this and involve your kids in DIY just like the way I did.

Do share ideas in the comments below and let me know how you are keeping yourself occupied during this pandemic.

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