A guide to traveling with a baby

Traveling with a baby is itself an adventure! Ask me, I have taken atleast 10 flights with my baby both domestic as well as international, and many road trips spanning even 16 hours or so. Basically, traveling with a baby means packing pretty much everything you own.  Now you know, I have really gained some … Continue reading A guide to traveling with a baby

Easy fish fry masala paste

I don't have patience to make the authentic fish fry masala paste that includes whole garam masalas and is quite a long procedure. What I do is very easy, but it makes the fry fish tastes heavenly.  If you have fish at home and you are bored of trying the readymade fish fry masala then … Continue reading Easy fish fry masala paste

Life is like a Pattern

via¬†Daily Prompt: Pattern Life is like a pattern, everything is arranged in a proper sequence by the Almighty and it¬†is just so perfect. There are only patterns, Patterns on top of patterns, Patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns. So basically history¬†does nothing but repeat itself. What you sow you … Continue reading Life is like a Pattern