Easy Caramel Pudding in Pressure Cooker

I can’t describe in words how crazy I am for caramel pudding. And the one I make is so soft, melt in mouth that I feel I need a pat on my own shoulder for a job well done 🤭. I do get praised though.

This is one of the dessert I feel I make the best. I don’t know how I can make you all taste it to prove myself, but I am sure if you prepare it the way I prepare it, you will definitely thank me later.

I have tried baking it in oven, with different quantities, tried adding many other ingredients like bread, Marie biscuits, carrots etc and what not. So finally the one I make is with just 3 main ingredients. And this one is the most authentic caramel pudding you will ever make without any variations.

Here is the recipe:

You will need;

4 eggs

1.5 cup milk

Sugar as per your taste and health, I like it more sweet so added around 1/2 cup sugar

And 3 tablespoon of sugar for caramelising

1tsp water

1tsp vanilla essence

Pinch of cinnamon powder


Blend all 3 ingredients in mixer, then add vanilla essence and cinnamon powder. Roughly mix again

Now start making the caramel.

In a nonstick pan add sugar and 1 to 2 tsp of water and swirl the pan to help it to melt down.

Let the caramel come to a boil. Keep it on sim. Allow it to bubble up till it turns golden brown. Don’t stir the pan as it results in a sticky caramel. Pour this caramel in a container you wish to make pudding in. Let it settle for 2 minutes.

Now pour the egg and milk mixture through a sieve and pour it over the caramel.

Cover it with the lid. I usually use a flat steel box or dabba which has its own lid, to make caramel pudding.

In a big pressure cooker. Keep a thin steel or aluminium plate upside down, fill this cooker with some water, and now keep the caramel pudding container or dabba. Cover pressure cooker without whistle. Let it cook on high for 5 minutes and then keep it on sim for 15 minutes.

Allow it to cool down. Remove the container. Refrigerate it for sometime.

Now release the sides with a knife and place a plate over the container and by holding the container carefully invert it over the plate, Now slowly lift it for a lovely caramel pudding.

Serve chilled

enjoy 😉

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