Kaju Katli | Kaju Katri | Kaju Burfi Recipe 

“Kaju” or “Cashew Nut” has always been the king of dryfruits. It is my favourite too. People use it in different dishes from main course to desserts to smoothies or simply as a topping/garnishing, but kaju katri which is a sweet dish made by cashew nut powder and sugar excel them all. It is simply delicious 😋. It is also one of the expensive mithai/ sweet dish. Unlike other sweets it is mostly prepared without milk and ghee (clarified butter), or may be few of them do add these two, but my version doesn’t have these two ingredients but taste almost like the one which is sold in sweet shops, Infact better than the store bought ones. It is very economical in terms of calories and complexity of preparation.


I buy lots of cashew nuts while coming back from my hometown Goa, we get different types of cashews there.I like muching it as an evening snack or add it in some gravies to enhance the taste.


I always thought that preparing this sweet is a lengthy and time consuming process, thanks to my untimely craving for sweets as I finally gave it a try and guess what? I made this Katli within 15 minutes.

So, Here is my version of Kaju Katli:


200 grams cashew nuts

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

1 tsp Ghee or clarified butter- optional

Silver vark- optional

Cardamom Powder- optional


Firstly, in a small mixer jar, take 1 cup cashews and grind it into a smooth powder.

Now in a nonstick pan add sugar, then water and boil it. Keep the flame on low and keep stirring till you get one string consistency.

If adding cardamom you can add it now. I didn’t add it though.

Add cashew nut powder to this syrup and mix well, once the cashew paste turns to dough leaving the pan add a tsp of ghee.

Now you can switch off the flame.

Pour this mixture on cling wrap or butter paper and try kneading it with your hands when it’s still hot.

Now spread it on the butter paper again, cover it with the same and roll it with the rolling pin, you can cover it with silver vark if interested but it won’t change any flavours it will just make it look good.

Cut it in diamond shape and discard the edges ( you can use or have it later) and adjust the thickness the way you want.
Serve your delicious homemade Katlis.

Now you don’t have to worry if you don’t have enough sweets at home during any celebration. Make sure you have lots of cashew nuts at home 🤗

If you like my recipe, then don’t forgot to give it a thumbs up 👍

Let me know if you ever try this, my advice for you is just grab all the ingredients right now and give it a a try. You will definitely thank me for your sweet tooth cravings.

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