Planning a trip to Wayanad? Here’s what to expect!

It’s been a while, hope you all are doing good 😊. I was literally away from blogging these days. Thanks to my never ending household chores and my 3 year old dotting daughter who keeps me busy.

Luckily, we had a long weekend to get out of the city. And to my surprise it was one amongst the best holiday trips we had taken.

Personally I love road trips. They are simply amazing, you are your own boss, you can stop anywhere you want, no hurry, no worries, just a long drive with your favourite music and with your favourite people around in your own vehicle. Ah bliss! This is my kind of happiness. The beauty of the swaying paddies, dense forests and hillocks. Nature was at its best, I just couldn’t thank God enough for making me witness such an amazing location.

This was a trip to Wayanad from Bangalore. It’s a small hill station in a rural district of Kerala. It is around 285 km away and takes approximately 5-6 hours to reach the destination including pit stops. Being the only district in Kerala which shares its border with both the neighbouring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, it is a famous tourist destination in India. 

​If you are planning for a short trip to wayanad, here’s what you should expect;

1) One day is enough to explore.

Yes, you read  it right. Just one day is enough to spend here. However you can even stay for more days, but by the end of your trip you will feel it wasn’t needed, that is what happened with one of our family friends who stayed there for 2 nights where as one and half day was more than enough.


2) Seafood lovers Heaven! More to Hog

If you are a seafood lover like me, then you will have some good time eating nothing but delicious Kerala style fish delicacies. 

Don’t forget to try their other delicacies also!

3) Don’t forget to carry an umbrella

Weather in such places is always unpredictable, why take a chance? Always carry an umbrella as well as your winter clothes as sometimes temperature drops down and you might start shivering, who knows!
4) All the adventure sports lover good news for you!

If you love trekking, boating, horse riding,cycling, bamboo rafting, river dipping etc then you should straight away head to this place when you have a long weekend.

Sad reality is that we didn’t get a chance to explore these adventurous activities as we were traveling with our toddler who fell sick upon reaching there, due to the weather change.


5) One of the best place to Photograph nature!

If you love photography or even if you are just an amateur photographer, you will end up clicking the best pictures here. With its verdant green surrounding and scenic views Wayanad is another destination to capture in your cameras.The pictures you click here are sure to touch everyone’s soul.


Here’s a note to people like me who want to explore the whole world. First travel in your own home country as often as you can. It’s truly beautiful, we overlook the small and serene beauty of our own country. I mean we have so many beautiful places in India that we always want to tour the world. How about planning a short vacay to the place in India where you haven’t been before? Think about it.

So where are you planning your next vacation? 

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