A lady in the rain…

My first painting with the Paper 53 Pencil. Thank you FiftyThree.


Does this painting have a story? It can be anything. She might have forgotten her umbrella on a rainy day, she might be waiting for someone, she might be looking for help, Or better yet, she might just be enjoying the first rains.

The possibilities can be many, and I love to convey them in a best possible manner. Hope you like this piece.

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If you are into painting on iPad too, there is no better Stylus than the Pencil by 53. You can buy it here. Click the image below. I have the one with the walnut(wood) finish and I love it.

38 thoughts on “A lady in the rain…

  1. Awesome work … the painting really has a story and the maker serious has talent !!!!

    Go on buddy !!! You can make some fabulous paint work !!
    All the best

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  3. That’s an exciting painting. I think she’s in touch with nature – she knows the value of the seasons, and likes to feel the passion of the elements. I expect that, like me, she runs outside and dances barefoot in thunderstorms.
    Getting soaked to the skin – while others rush past with their umbrellas turning inside out, or huddling in doorways – is liberating, and removing your wet clothes when you get home, towelling yourself dry, and putting on fresh clothes, is cosy.

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