Acrylic Painting: My first hands at it

Painting is one of the many things I like to do. I am not a professional painter. It’s just one of my hobbies and I put it to practise very occasionally. Here, I would like to share something that I tried for the very first time in my life. Painting with acrylic colors.

I had a canvas gifted by one of my very dear friend, at least about 5 years ago. I thought of making use of it today. I picked up some acrylic colors and a set of 5 brushes from a nearby store, and, I was all set.

Here are some of the pictures I clicked along and I’ve put them here in a chronological order.


I myself didn’t know what I would paint. So, I took a color (orange) and used a broadest (not so broad, just the biggest in the set I got) brush to spread it across my 16×12 inch canvas.


Next, I thought I could do something like a view of a lake with an orange sky. And then on, I just happened to try different brushes I had, to paint everything you see hereon. I divided my painting so that the lower half could be used for drawing the lake with the sun just beginning to disappear.


And yes, those trees, I have seen paintings where they draw beautiful pine trees. Tried some of my own today.


Then came some detailing work over the lake and the sky.


And some white and black birdies.


And finally, the name at the bottom of the painting 🙂

I have also made some paintings using my old iPad2, you could view them here, Made with paper by 53

Do let me know. Should I continue painting? or should I take up something else? 🙂 (grinning)

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