A guide to traveling with a baby

Traveling with a baby is itself an adventure! Ask me, I have taken atleast 10 flights with my baby both domestic as well as international, and many road trips spanning even 16 hours or so. Basically, traveling with a baby means packing pretty much everything you own. 

Now you know, I have really gained some experience on the things you should actually remember while traveling with an infant/toddler.

How to get there safe without any trouble!

Flight journey!!

1) Pack your baby bag, to create home away from home.

Firstly, don’t panic. Take it easy and let go. If you enjoy the journey with your baby then there is nothing like it. So always plan accordingly and be ready for an awesome funfilled adventurous trip.

Write all the things which are very important while traveling with a baby well in advance.

Of course, you can carry whatever you want in your luggage but in your hand bag, see that you carry what is necessary. Don’t simply dump in any unwanted things.

Start with diapers, bib, tissue papers, plastic bags, medicines, a small bottle of water both warm (thermos) and cold, one or two pairs of extra clothes, sweater, socks, baby wipes, baby lotion, baby powder, snacks(If with a toddler), ear muffs, favourite toy, feeder, milk powder or formula milk, finger foods, juice etc

2) Health comes First

You should be very cautious prior to booking your flight. If your infant is too small and has any sort of health issues, don’t forget to check with your doctor and carry fit-to-fly report, also carry all the medicines needed.

Infact, assemble a first-aid kit with the supplies you might need to deal with minor medical problems while on the road or in flight with your baby. Don’t forget prescription medications, even if your baby only needs them occasionally. (It’s always when you leave the asthma medicine at home that your child has an asthma attack at Grandma’s place.)

Fill out an emergency sheet with your child’s health information or save it on your phone. Include the contact names and numbers of healthcare providers and a list of any allergies your child has or medications he takes. That way, everything is in one place if you need it.

3) See if the flight is baby friendly

You need to check if the flight is having any kind of facility if you are traveling with an infant, especially if flight is for 12+ hours you should checklist few important things, For example information about standard airline practices, discount fares for infants, children’s meals, diaper-changing facilities,check if you can carry light weight stroller and more.

Also remember that there is atleast one person out of ten in the flight who will be pissed off if hears your kid crying for any reason. Be prepared!

4) Summer/winter essentials 

Bring a hat to shade your baby from the sun in warm weather or keep him warm in cool weather.

Sunscreen for kids is a must if you’ll be spending time outdoors – no matter what season. Use one with both UVA and UVB protection that’s at least SPF 15. (Sunscreen with SPF 30 is even better, especially for babies who have fair skin.) If your baby is younger than 6 months, apply small amounts of sunscreen to his face and the backs of his hands. On older babies, you can use it more liberally wherever skin is exposed. If you’re using an aerosol sunscreen, be sure not to spray it near your baby’s face. Spray some on your own hands first, then gently rub it on.

5) Soothing a baby during take off and landing 

If your baby’s ears seem to hurt from air pressure changes during takeoff and landing, encourage him to breastfeed or suck on a bottle, pacifier, or sippy cup.

Keep in mind that not all babies experience ear pain. If your baby is sleeping soundly, leave him be and he might get through the takeoff or landing without any trouble. He’ll wake up from the discomfort if he is bothered.

Road Journey ( By Car, Bus or Train)

Road journey is fun again, we love long drives, and my baby now enjoys the same. We often travel for 16+ hours of course with many pit stops in between and it’s truly amazing. You see so many different things, people, cultures, food and overall it is an adventure with your baby.

I have no idea about bus, as I haven’t traveled with my baby in the bus yet.

Tip: Stash some medium-size resealable plastic bags in your car trunk or carrying bag. They’re handy for holding messy items like bibs, diapers, wet bathing suits, and all the treasures kids love to collect.

1) Road journey is beautiful, Enjoy!

This one is the best, out of all the transportation I believe road journeys create the epic experience and beautiful journey.

Packing of baby bag remains the same as above. Infact, you can now dump in other essentials too.

Your baby should always ride rear-facing in the back seat – in either a rear-facing car seat, infant car seat or a convertible infant-toddler car seat (which can face either the rear or the front). Before you leave, make sure the car seat is properly installed and that the car seat’s belts are correctly threaded. Adjust the harness so it fits your baby snugly and securely.

2) Vehicle Essentials 

Get a removable car-shade screen for the car’s windows to shield your child’s skin and eyes from the sun.

If traveling in car, carry baby blanket, cushion and bedding. And lot more cushions to create cozy feeling for baby. You can fill in the gaps between front seat and back seat with cushions, and can make your baby sleep on the back seat if he wants to sleeps in the middle of the journey. Do not stuff anything behind the drivers seat. If you have a car seat that’s well and good.

Same applies to a journey in a bus or train, you can carry the bedding so that the baby sleeps peacefully, allowing you to enjoy the cold breeze and sunshine.

Keep your baby or toddler as safe as possible when you take public transit (like a bus, train, or taxi) by bringing along a car seat. The car seat provides some protection even when there are no seat belts to strap it in. If you’re traveling with your child and he’s in a stroller, put on the stroller’s brakes when you’re riding public transportation.

3) Play Games, Don’t be bored!

A trip offers a great chance for your toddler to interact with other children of his own age, especially if you’re heading to a family resort or a nature camp. Social interaction is important at this age, so give him some space to approach and play with some new friends.

Take along a goody bag containing a few of your child’s favorite toys, plus some surprises. Possibilities include musical toys, board books, empty containers, nesting toys, and hand puppets. Playthings that hold your child’s attention the longest are your best bets.

4) Carry a stroller in your car

Now this seems to be the easiest, so if you are waiting in the pit stops make sure you take your baby for a round in his stroller so as to feel the fresh air. He must be bored by now getting the warmth of your body. 

If he is a toddler allow him to run and play in pit stops so that he can relax his mind and body (for kids this is the de-stress therapy)

5) Check diapers or take your toddler in restroom to pass urine

Few kids while traveling don’t like to pass urine, they try and control themselves which in turn makes them way too cranky.

So see that you check with your baby and ask him to urinate by stopping your car near places having clean restrooms. Encourage him to do so. Bribe him (you don’t really have any options left)

Finally enjoy every single bit of your trip, make memories, let it be a learning experience for you and your kids. Understand your kids cry and emotions, never ever shout on them while traveling, it might be their first time and they aren’t so comfortable. So it’s upto you to make them comfortable, don’t forget to make home away from home for your baby.

If you have any other ideas or experience to share. Let us know in comments.

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