Home remedy for all your health issues

We all suffer from minor to major health problems. We have been taking medicine since ages but still our health issues remain the same or are cured for a while and recur shortly. Or we end up having side effects of the medicines taken.

Did you know if we have a clean stomach free from unwanted toxins, then most of our health related issues will be solved? Also many medicines taken by mouth may affect the digestive system. These medicines include prescription (those ordered by a doctor and dispensed by a pharmacist) and nonprescription or over-the-counter (OTC) products.

While many believe that toxins cannot be that harmful since they affect everyone, toxins have proven negative health effects. These include cancer, depression, multiple sclerosis, obesity, fibromyalgia, asthma, lupus, and many more. Avoiding toxins can help keep you safe from these detrimental diseases.

So whatever problems you are facing right now, I would recommend you to try this healthy homemade remedy, it will help you get rid of almost all your health issues.

Let me just give you brief benefits of the ingredients:

Cumin seeds: Cumin seeds not only add taste to food but also are very beneficial for the body, it naturally cures acid reflux.

Carom seeds: This seeds are helpful in treating liver and kidney malfunctions. It is also helpful in treating bronchitis and asthma. It cures constipation as well.

Fennel seeds: Fennel has long been used as a remedy for flatulence and indigestion in traditional medicine.

Dry ginger(saut): Dry ginger has been used for thousands of years in various Eastern medical traditions. Best known for quelling nausea and vomiting, it also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular treatment for conditions like arthritis.

Black salt: It is the best alternative for sea salt. It aids weight loss. Cures intestinal gas problems. It helps in curing constipation and bloating. Also helps in treating joint disorders.

It’s very simple you just need above 5 ingredients to make this powder.

1cup or 100 grams cumin seeds

1 cup carom seeds

1 cup fennel seeds

1/4th cup black salt

1/4th cup dry ginger powder

Soda powder (optional, a pinch, mix with above ingredients only when you have indigestion)


Grind all the above ingredients into a fine dry powder. You can add dry ginger powder later and mix it with a spoon.

Fill it in a air tight container.

Store it in a room temperature.


Have 1/2 a teaspoon daily atleast 3 times a day before your meal and then drink a glass of warm water.

Note: You might get loose motions for a day or two, it differs from person to person(it will naturally help you deal with stomach worms), also all your urinating problem will be solved, no burning sensation etc. It will help you get rid of unwanted waste and toxins from your body.

As it is all natural there will be zero side effects.

Have it for minimum 15 days and maximum 2months. Take a break for a month or two and you can again start it as and when necessary.

If you are overweight or want to loose some extra kilos then you can increase the quantity of cumin seeds. So if I have mentioned one cup, you can instead take 2cups of cumin seeds. Rest all other ingredients measurements will remain the same.

If you don’t like it plain you can mix it with honey or icing sugar.

You can even give it to your kids but see that the dosage is just 1/4th teaspoon only once in the morning on empty stomach. Mix it with honey

Breastfeeding mothers can also have it without any hesitation.There will be no side effects as such, you can reduce the dosage if you want.

Infact research shows that cumin,carom and fenugreek seeds help produce more milk.

See below;

Cumin seeds or jeera help in stimulating milk production in lactating mothers. They are also a rich source of iron and help build strength.

Like fenugreek, fennel seeds are also thought be effective in boosting breast milk production.

Carom seeds or ajwain are available in almost every household and are known to aid digestion and relieve symptoms of constipation. It also help increase milk production in lactating mothers.

Hope this helps!

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