Green Masala Paste

A fragrant spice masala paste, which makes your food simply delicious. Green in colour, this masala is made with lots of coriander, mint leaves, chillies, whole spices and fresh whole ginger & garlic pods. This is an addition to all your poultry, and vegetarian dishes.

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Lets check out my recipe for green masala:


3 Cups of coriander leaves

6 green chillies

100 grams of ginger

200 grams of garlic pods

5 cardamom

5 sticks of cinnamon

5 cloves

few pepper corns or Kali mirchi

1/2 tsp ajwain or carom seeds

1 tsp of turmeric powder

salt as per taste (Optional)


Grind everything into a fine paste and store it in the refrigerator after every use. You can add it for a flavour in all your dishes or can even use to to marinade Chicken/Mutton.

2 thoughts on “Green Masala Paste

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