The Far West

The west coast of the USA is full of surprises. Lively San Francisco City, the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, the serenity of Sausalito, a town on the northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge. I would write a post on these some time. But today, I would like to write about the road journey along the coast of California.

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One among the many things you would want to do while on your trip to the US is shopping. And the best place to do so is the Gilroy Premium Outlets, which is the factory outlet group of stores about 60 miles south from the Bay area. You could take one quick highway 101 to reach there from the bay area or the San Francisco city in about an hour or less, or take a CalTrain(that would be even longer and you won’t do much, but just sit at one place, or the best, move around in the train).

If you want to get a bit adventurous, you could do what I did. Get out really early in the morning, take a longer yet a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L two hour drive along the coast from the Half Moon Bay Beach, passing Santa Cruz, a small town along your way. Then, experience the 17 mile drive, where you would also see the Pebble Beach Resort. I’ve seen this place in many romantic movies.

On your way back you could do your shopping at Gilroy, about 30 miles from the Pebble Beach. Then head back to the city, taking the fast 101 highway. Here are some of the beautiful places I was able to capture on my iPhone 5S during my trip. And yes, I had rented a car from Enterprise car rentals, and hence, I could stop whenever I wanted to. I suggest you do the same if you plan to take this trip.


At the Half Moon Bay Beach. This road leads to the beach. People come here to practice farming along with their kids. A good getaway from the hustle bustle of the city.


Half Moon Bay Beach


Half Moon Bay Beach. When I visited this place, there were rounds of storm going around. So watch out for warnings from the government.


Further away from the beach


Half Moon Bay is huge, So this was further away(about 20 miles) from the beach.


The Pegion Point Light Station. Dreamy isn’t it?


The Perkins Park. Glad I could get this perfect shot with the birdy.


Near the Monterey Peninsula Country Club


The Pebble Beach. It has a golf course, a  rest area, great painting on display and much more.


Along the 17 Mile Drive


Along the 17 Mile Drive. A Lone Cypress. I hope you could read the details.


The Ghost Tree. The climate plays a major role for this to happen.


At the Pebble Beach Resort


Spotted this section where the Tesla Electric cars could be charged. No, not one of my own. 🙂


This is how the Gilroy Premium Outlets are laid out. Its huge and a must visit if you really have shopping on mind. Need a full day to really explore the whole thing.

More travel posts coming soon….

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  2. Loving your photos. Especially the one of Half Moon Bay, the one 20 miles away. So dreamy is also lovely and great shot of the bird. I love the gloomy look of the cloudy one too, you can feel a storm is slowing coming. The detail in your writing also makes it an interesting read. Keep posting travel posts. I am no expert but I think you structure mixing detail, photos and your own experience such as I do is ideal. Also I would recommend to see if Entreprise has an affiliate program. This way you can link it instead of showing the website. By linking it will bring right to their website and you can also make a small commission. I have started this tactic this week, not sure if it will be successful but it is worth a try.

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