How to add watermark to your photos?

Wondering how to protect your photos or a piece of art you captured on your phone? Especially when sharing them online.

One way is to add a Watermark. First question that comes to your mind is, ‘What app on my phone would help me do it?’

Let me talk of one such app, ‘PicsArt‘. No, I have never been contacted by PicsArt to promote their app. I just happen to have this app on my iPhone for a while now, and I use it to edit my pics. Why PicsArt? Because its free. We all love anything that comes for free. I do. 🙂

I have recently started writing my own blog, and, I like sharing content of my own. And thats the reason why I find a need to safeguard my pictures. After all, I would be sharing my content online. So the bottom line is, try and ‘Save your content’. Not everyone online have a good intention when viewing online pages.

Let me come to the topic without any further ado.


  • Download PicsArt to your phone.
  • A PNG image of your logo. You can skip this if you just plan to put copyright text.
  • Content/image/photo to be watermarked.


Adding PNG image as your watermark

Open your photo/art in PicsArt. It would look something like the one shown here. I have copyrighted this screenshot itself, so ignore that. Once you open your pic, you would see many options at the bottom. Tools, Effects, etc…

Tap the ‘Add Photo‘ option, to select the PNG image from your phone. (I had saved the png logo I created for my blog). You might have your logo online, you could download it to your phone, and use it here.




Once you add your logo(PNG file). It would look something like this. A white background to your logo. But wait, that was not how your file looked like somewhere else. No problems, we shall solve that in a moment.

You would see several options at the bottom. Tap the ‘Blend‘ option to see more options coming up. Try tapping anything other than the Normal option. I like the Multiply option. That was exactly what I was looking for. Your white background problem is now, gone.





Adding text as your watermark

Just like how you would add a photo to another, you could add text too. Instead of tapping ‘Add Photo‘ as seen in the initial steps above, swipe right and tap the ‘Text‘ option. You would get a cursor on the photo to enter your text. After doing that, you would again have a ‘Blend‘ option.

This time tap the ‘Overlay‘ option to get the effect as seen here. Move the text around to position it to the desired location on the background image.



The most important thing to do after all this…

Save you work by tapping Apply.



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Do let us know if you know any other apps that would help us do what we have tried achieving here.

Thanks you all. Happy copyrighting. 🙂




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