Vegetarian Haleem

I am a big fan of haleem. Usually, it is a stew made up of meat, lentil and broken wheat cooked into a thick paste. Its basically a Hyderabadi dish and is very much famous in Hyderabad(India).

Being a nonvegetarian chicken and mutton haleem are my favourite. This time as I had no chicken/mutton at home and limited ingredients available in kitchen. I decided to give it a twist and made a vegetarian haleem 🙂

The best part is that it will hardly take even 30 minutes of your time. So this can be your next healthy go to recipy.

Below are the ingredients:

(Quantity may vary depending upon your taste and preferences )

Fried Onion- 1 Cup

Soya Nuggets -1 cup

Salt -(As per your taste)

Ginger Garlic Paste- 1 Tbs

Green Chilly -1 or 2

Ghee-2 Tbs

Curd -4Tbs

Cashew Nuts-10 grams

Almonds-10 grams

Pistachios-10 grams

Milk-1/2 Cup

Vegetable Maggie cube(Optional)


For Garnishing :

Lemon Juice


Pudina(Mint leaves)

Below ingredients to coarse finely:

Roasted Chana Dal-1Tbs

Masoor dal-1Tbs

Urad dal-1Tbs

Moong Dal-1Tbs

Broken Wheat(Dalia)-1/2 cup


Cumin seeds


Peppercorns-6 to 7

Coriander seeds-1tsp

Cinnamon stick-2





Soak soya nuggets in hot boiled water for approximately 10 minutes and then blend it in a mixture so that it becomes fine.


Grind all the lentils and whole garam masalas mentioned above into a dry powder.

Step 3

Add Ghee in a pressure cooker, add roughly chopped dry fruits like almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts (you can even blend them in a mixture roughly). Let it turn brown.

Next add 3/4th cup of fried Onion (Keep little for garnishing)

add Ginger garlic paste and chillies

add soya chunks (fry for a minute or two)

add curd

add milk

add vegetable maggie cube(optional)

add lentils and garam masala powder

(stir in and mix everything for a while)

add chopped coriander and mint leaves

add water

check for the consistency and salt

Once it comes to a boil then close the lid of the pressure cooker and let it cook on a low flame for approx 10-15 minutes.

Serving Suggestion:

Take haleem in a serving bowl put some fried onion (along with 1tsp of oil used for frying onion), lemon juice, coriander leaves…and you are done

Slurrpppp what a healthy and yummy dish you will indulge into.

Hope You Enjoy it.

Leave your comments if you liked my recipe 😊

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